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Reclaim your health
for your pregnancy
& your baby

Helping you reclaim your health for pregnancy and your baby

Deciding to have a baby can be an exciting and natural decision for a woman to make in her life

But you may be feeling stressed and anxious that your desire to become pregnant hasn't happened as you expected it would.

You know that good health and living a healthy lifestyle positively impacts the ability for a woman to conceive, maintain a healthy pregnancy, birth her baby normally,  & to welcome her healthy and happy baby into her world.

This is where I can help

My goal as a women's health coach is to support and empower you to reclaim your health to be able to feel more in control and resilient. Feeling energized and nourished - from the inside to the out, and more balanced with less stress; prepared for pregnancy. 

The road to health doesn't have to be overwhelming, it is within your reach and I can support you on this path preparing your mind, body and womb.

Nothing is more fulfilling to me to see you grow in self confidence and achieve your goals

I believe in you

Your womb is your babies first home.

Maori refer to women as te whare tangata (the house of humanity), recognising the vital roles women play in providing life and nurturing future generations.  Investing in your health and happiness is investing in your babies future. Your womb is your babies first home - a home that is able to nourish and nurture your growing baby.

Your health matters

Our modern day life styles are negatively impacting many women's ability to conceive naturally, maintain healthy pregnancy's and give birth normally. I see this regularly how conditions such as being overweight, having diabetes, anxiety & stress, can complicate conception & birth for women and the ongoing impact these can have on their children.  My mission is empowering women to be their best selves in order to embark on their next journey in their life : motherhood

"I'm passionate about supporting & empowering women's health & happiness for conception, pregnancy, birth & motherhood".

Kath Metz : Women's Health Coach : Educator : Midwife

Does any of this sound like you?

  • you feel ready to start a family but you haven't been able to get pregnant as you expected you would and/or
  • last pregnancy had some complications due to your weight or health
  • coming off the pill hasn’t resulted in the pregnancy you wish for
  • you are a busy woman and acknowledge that your health hasn't always been your priority up til now but you do want to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy & happy baby
  • you are starting to feel the clock ticking and you want to do something…

Dreaming isn't going to help you...but I can.

Many woman feel like life is racing them by, like they are on a fast paced treadmill which needs to be fueled by coffee and sugar; and believe that its just life these days. 

It doesn't have to be your life!

The human body is not just the sum of individual parts or a collection of symptoms, - there is no separation between mind and body. Your body is smart & those “symptoms” is your body telling you something. We are not supposed to feel exhausted, cranky, anxious, down, hungry, frumpy, wired, stressed, bloated, overwhelmed or like a hormonal mess. Ignoring or putting a bandaid on the signs & symptoms doesn’t make them go away or fix what caused the symptoms in the first place. 

Lets listen in to you & your body, together; and figure out what your body (& womb) really needs so you feel vibrant, energetic and happy. So you can grow & nourish a healthy & happy baby and be the mum that has energy to play & create fun memories with your children. So you have the motivation to enjoy the things you love in life, smiling & full of energy.

About Kath

I am a New Zealand registered midwife with more than 17 years clinical experience working in the community and hospitals across NZ & more recently Australia. My roles have been varied including working as an LMC midwife & diabetes midwife educator. I have studied adult education and for the last 10 years held dual roles as midwife and clinical midwife educator facilitating my passion to inform, inspire & motivate midwives to promote quality evidenced based care to the women and babies we care for.

It is now my mission, in my new role as a Women’s Health Coach to help build a new future for my clients whose wish it is to have a baby.  By supporting & educating women to understand that their health and happiness is really important not only for themselves but to the future of their children.

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