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Healthy woman, healthy womb

 A personalised pre conception coaching & support programme

One to One coaching

My signature 12 week 1:1 pre conception preparation programme
Individualised & unique to you, your environment & emotional well being,
& with a focus on long term lifestyle changes to support your overall health & happiness

My Healthy Woman, Healthy Womb Programme

Will have you :

  • feeling (and looking) better than ever, with a nourished body, mind & soul;
  • celebrating your renewed energy so you can truly live and enjoy your life
  • feeling calm, in control, resilient & strong
  • and your fertility fired up & baby ready
  • looking forward to becoming a mother, a mother that is vibrant and has the energy to have fun with her children,  & to be able to create wonderful memories together.
  • reclaiming the woman and mother you want  -  one small step at a time

We work together to uncover what is driving your health concerns and set realistic goals. Establishing realistic goals is one of the keys to success in changing a habit or following a plan.

We work together to achieve and master these goals, to make simple, powerful, and sustainable food and lifestyle changes that can ease toxic overload and bring you to a life of ease and renewed energy

And I listen, strategize, empower, cheer lead and hold you accountable to create progress…
not perfection.

I'd love to help you