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 Interactive workshops for pre conception and pregnancy wellness & preparation 
You will enjoy a wonderful space to connect & find support from other like minded women 
And come away feeling informed & inspired with a nourished body, mind & soul

New workshops for 2019!


This full day interactive workshop is for pregnant women who are feeling stressed and anxious, who would like to build their resilience and feel more calm and in control before their baby is born. You recognise that your health & happiness is important to the health of your unborn baby & we will discuss doable actions you can implement in your life to help you.

This workshop will help prepare you physically and emotionally, with knowledge, strategies & skills for your labour and birth so you feel empowered & confident in your ability to have a positive birthing experience (however that looks for you).

Relax and enjoy your pregnancy!

Planning a baby?

If you can’t get pregnant, want to get pregnant faster or want to get “baby fit” before starting to try, this is a great workshop for you.

Your health matters.  To you, and your baby, and there’s so much more to having a baby than throwing away your condoms/Pills, taking Folic Acid and getting "it on".  Especially in the toxic, modern world full of hormone disrupters, health harmers & stress. 1 in 6 couples in New Zealand experience infertility sadly. Let’s do what we can to boost YOUR chances. You aren't alone!

By taking control of your health and lifestyle, it’s possible to HUGELY improve your chances of falling pregnant. AND a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

This full day interactive workshop is designed to support, inform and inspire you on your journey to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy & happy baby.

Can't make it to a workshop?

Make contact with Kath to discuss your individual needs and how she can best support you